This blog is curated by three tech-savvy hermanas. The SophisTECHated Blog focuses on stylish tech and tech accessories, information, and fun with a millennial lady’s perspective.


Las Hermanas (The Sisters)

Diana remembers knocking on her neighbor’s door to borrow an encyclopedia for research paper references for elementary and middle school.  Fast forward… her one-year-old daughter has the world at her teeny tiny little finger tips.  Diana is always on the hunt for stylish tech accessories and any app that’ll help improve her productivity. She knows that the way we communicate and learn today will probably not be the way her daughter will communicate and learn in the future.


Hey hey! I’m Diana, the 30-something year old sister. I am a wife, mom, a two-time Penn State graduate with a Bachelor and Masters degree in Information Technology, and an IT professional from NYC. I love to travel the world and photography.

Phone: Google Pixel
Laptop: MacBook Pro (circa 2007!! I know I know)
Fave Apps: WhatsApp, Pocket, Google Maps, & Google Photos
Fave Gadget: Olympus EM5

How do you like it? – The first question someone asks when they see your new gadget. That’s the number one question Maria gets the most from her family, friends, peers, and even strangers. It makes sense because 48% of Millennials say word of mouth influences their product purchases more than TV ads.



I’m Maria, the 20-something year old sister. I recently graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Security and Risk Analysis. I am a NY native, living in Philly and an IT Security Professional in NJ. When I unplug I spend time traveling with my boyfriend and our dog Mia.

Phone: iPhone 6s Rose Gold 64GB
Laptop: 13” MacBook Air (2014)
Fave Apps: Venmo, SnapChat
Fave Gadget: Apple Watch


 I’m Dylen, the Teen. As a freshman in high school, I’m surrounded by technology. Born and raised a Jersey girl, I spend my time either watching TV and relaxing or playing with my Husky, Journey. In the future, I plan to graduate from Stanford University and become a biomedical engineer.

Phone: iPhone 7
Laptop: HP ENVY x360
Fave Apps: Snapchat, Picsart, 3D Builder
Fave Gadget: HP ENVY x360


What makes SOPHISTECHATED different?

  • There aren’t any Latin-American sister technology blogging trios — until now!
  • The sisters represent each “Millennial” age group: 30’s, 20’s, and teens
  • The blog blends a perfect mix of tech brains and tech beauty

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