Diana’s 2 Week Pixel 2 Check-in

I did it. I upgraded from the Pixel to the Pixel 2 and it was worth the upgrade. Here’s why:

  • Two stereo speakers/mics
  • Water resistant
    • Listen… I have kids. Who knows where my phone might end up!
  • Camera Upgrades
    • Highest rating, again!
    • Google Lens is built-in (and great for when we travel)
    • Greatly improved Portrait Mode (and also available in Selfie-mode)
  • Squeeze feature to active Google Assistant
    • I didn’t think it would make a difference, but it does!
  • The new Pixel Launcher took some getting used to but let me tell you, I barely used the Google Now feature when it was on the upper left. I used it all day errday now that it’s at the bottom.
  • Ease of setup
    • This round Google included a connector that would transfer your data and apps to your new phone – Gracias!
  • Trade-In Refund!
    • I received a $360 credit for trading in my Pixel for the Pixel 2

If I didn’t have the funds to upgrade, then it would not have been a big miss for me. So if you don’t have the funds quite yet — don’t fret! The Pixel is still a very solid and phenomenal phone.

So, everything is great on my new Pixel 2 despite the bad press the Pixel 2 XL has received. I haven’t experienced anything wrong with my new phone and I’m loving it (again) — except for my front facing video quality.

As you can see by this side-by-side of the Pixel 1 vs. Pixel 2 front-facing video, the video quality of the Pixel 2 is blurry and has a super airbrushed/retouched feeling to it. The Pixel 1 is crisp and looks natural.  What’s that about?!  (Longer video at the end of this post)



I called Google and after an hour and a half of being on hold, I finally got through.  The rep was very nice and informative. The rep said I was her first call with this issue (but they also told my sister the same when she called about the bluetooth issues). The rep concluded that it was not a hardware issue because if it was then I’d be seeing issues with front-facing pictures as well, and I agree. Instead, she said it was most likely a software issue. I agreed to factory reset my phone essentially to try to reset the software. Unfortunately, this did not help. Ugh!!

I asked my sister to try her front-facing video and she also experienced a low-quality, blurry, super airbrushed image.

We are waiting to see if the upcoming updates from Google will fix this issue — it better because for the amount of money it cost to upgrade and the camera being the biggest feature of this phone I expect exceptional quality like the Pixel.

Grainy Pictures with Pixel 2 in Allo

We also noticed the picture quality is low and grainy when taking pictures directly with the Allo app camera. The picture quality is better when taking a photo with WhatsApp’s camera but not as good as the camera app. We did not experience this with the Pixel.



I have reported both issues to Google and the Allo Feedback team. I’m still in talks with Google to figure out the image quality and I will keep you updated.


I’ll let Maria, tell you about her experience going from Pixel to Pixel 2 and changing from iPhone to Android (Pixel).  Google has already released its first round of updates (which I haven’t received yet) AND extended the warranty from 1 yr to 2 yrs so I’m here for it! Thank you!


Do you experience this too? Or, if your front-facing video quality is crisp please let us know too.


UPDATE: Installed the Google update!

Shortly after my original post, the Google update appeared for me and I installed it.  In my first tests it seems like the front-facing video quality is MUCH better. I will post a video in the same light as the videos in my posts.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Diana’s 2 Week Pixel 2 Check-in

  1. Thanks for this review! I am planning on upgrading my pixel to the 2XL, but I am waiting for something to make it worth my while—give me a gift card, or some incentive for upgrading. I was hoping when Apple came out that there might be some incentive but I haven’t seen anything yet. Hopefully during black friday, perhaps.


    1. Hi Lupita! so update, I just installed the new Google update and the front-facing video seems to be much better. I will post and updated video in the same light as in the post.

      Regarding the incentive: I believe the incentive is the trade-in rebate. If purchased through Google, they will give you a credit so you’re not upgrading at full-price. $360 was enough of an incentive for me PLUS you get a FREE GOOGLE HOME MINI ($50 value) if you purchase the Google Pixel 2 or 2XL. So this is a total potential value of $410. I think you’ll see more incentives for the accessories such as cases, screen protectors, etc.

      Also — Apple does offer a trade-up program if you purchase the phone directly from Apple. The difference is that Apple gives you an Apple Gift Card and Google gives you a full out refund credit so you can spend your hundreds on anything you want, not only Google.


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