Buddyphones are so cool, Plus 20% or 30% off for you!

I initially bought our baby girl cute Panda headphones on Amazon. They worked well, but after I bought myself some fancy headphones I started the hunt for better kid-friendly headphones.


I stumbled upon Onanoff’s Buddyphones on Instagram and quickly started researching. They come in four different models but I ultimately chose to go with the Explore (foldable) model because I wasn’t sure if we really needed the Inflight model’s features for an additional $10-ish. If you have a toddler, kid-friendly headphones are the the way to go and Onanoff Buddyphones meets and exceeds for these reasons:

Volume Control

I like to listen to my music on super blast so I’m always concerned I turn the volume up too much for baby girl. Volume control is important because you don’t want to be the one who damages their hearing. Let them do it to themselves in their teen years lol — not when they are 2! All of the Buddyphones have the automatic max volume set at the recommended 85 decibels. The Inflight model adds two extra volume maximums to account for travel noise, such as airplane or train noise.

Durability & Fit

My daughter has gotten her destructible little hands on these and they’ve maintain their own. I love that they are foldable and “bendy” so it saves space when packing her “busy bag” and ensures they won’t snap when she tries to play tug-of-war with them.


I also consider my daughter to be on the petite side, and she started using these at 1.5 yrs old.  They fit her head just fine without sliding off her head. They include super soft cushion ear covers and the headband set is also cushioned to make it more comfortable for kids to wear these longer than usual.




Buddyphones are packed with features which can make travel life easier with a toddler or slightly older kid.
– Buddyphones comes with a “BuddyCable system, a built-in audio splitter that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, making it perfect for sharing with your best buddies. For those that have more than one child at home and they have trouble sharing it’s an excellent solution, allowing up to four kids to share one device, squabble-free.”

– Flat Cable minimizes the tangled mess!
– Detachable cable: I like this because the headphones won’t snap off her head if she pulls on the cable. Instead the cable will simply detach from the headset.


Fun & Style

I’m a sucker for packaging and even in the box, you can tell that the Buddyphones are just fun and stylish for kids. They come with 5 different set of stickers you can use to design the headphones for both boys and girls. Even including blank stickers to allow the kid to design their own is awesome! The travel case is an extra which again adds to style and convenience.



We highly recommend the Buddyphones. The features justify the price and I know my daughter will be using these in the long term buuuuut I think we’ll be upgrading to the Inflight set because we tend to travel often.

Have a look at Buddyphones and pick your preferred model:

STANDARD ($24.99 Onanoff website, $19.99 on Amazon)
The standard model is a basic set which automatically limits the volume at 85 decibels, “which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for kids” according to the OnanOff website. They are adjustable and include fun stickers to personalize the headphones including blank stickers so kids can design their own. The headphones are also bendable so they won’t snap if you kid decide to test their limits.

EXPLORE ($37.99 on Onanoff website, $32.99 on Amazon)
This model is foldable, unlike the Standard set. The Explore model also has a flat cable design which minimizes tangles. It includes a built in microphone which comes in handy for video calls or voice-enabled apps. Another difference I really like about this set is that the cable is detachable (you’ll see below). This model includes a cute and matching travel bag. We’ve tried this set on an airplane it your kid will still be able to hear the audio, but we do wish it was just a tad bit higher volume, which is where the “Inflight” model comes into play.

EXPLORE Non-Foldable ($29.99 Onanoff website, $24.99 on Amazon)
Same as the Explore, except that they don’t fold.

BUDDYPHONES INFLIGHT ($49.95 on Onanoff website, $39.99 on Amazon)
A.K.A. The super set! These were designed specifically for airplane travel. It includes all the features of the Explore set except that it allows parents to adjust the volume to three different decibel levels to account for loud airplane or train noise. This model has the two-prong plug for airplanes. If you decide to NOT go with the Inflight set, don’t worry. You can buy the two-prong airplace adapter seperately for $6.99 on the OnanOff website.

Accessories — You can buy additional cables, stickers, ear cushions, and airplane adapter straight from the Onanoff website which we love!!

Like what you see???  Get 20% off Buddyphones using our special discount code when you checkout on Amazon.  USE CODE: SOTECH20 . Discount applies to Explore, Explore (Foldable), Inflight, and multipacks.

UPDATE: You can order Buddyphones directly from OnanOff: https://buddyphones.audio/ using code BUDDYTECH30




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