Just Get The Google Pixel Already!

So I’m late on this post but I still see a lot of you questioning which phone you should get next. The top options haven’t changed much. They usually include iPhone, Samsung, and now I’m seeing the Google Pixel. Without out a doubt I recommend the Pixel (if your pockets allow it). Here are my top reasons you should just get the Google Pixel:

The camera on the Google Pixel is thee best camera on a mobile device right now. It beats the Samsung S7 (#2) and the iPhone 7 (#3). There really aren’t many bells and whistles on the camera but the photo quality is amazing. Here are some comparison shots:

Mobile security is usually not on the average consumer’s mind but let me bring your attention to it now. What usually happens when a vulnerability is found or a new version of Android is ready for release is that it is first tested by Google, then tested by the phone manufacturer and THEN tested by your service provider. This leaves a large window open between the time Google releases an update and the time you actually get it.

However, the Google Pixel comes packaged with the latest and greatest version of Android and updates get pushed to you directly from Google instead of your service provider. In other words, you get updates right away.

When you buy the Google Pixel you get free unlimited high resolution backup from Google for your photos and videos. If you have any other Android device, Google Photos is still available for you but at a cost. Google Photo users get unlimited high resolution backup but if you want to save the original (full) resolution version of your photos and videos you only get 15GB free and you have to pay a month fee once you use it up. Not with the Pixel. You end up saving about $120/year (1 TB of storage).

Are there other FREE photo backup solutions out there? Yep! Think Shutterfly or Amazon Prime Photos, but none of them do what Google Photos does. This is a conversation for another day!

I’ve had the Google Pixel since its launch and let me tell you I’m so impressed with the battery life. Not only does it charge rapidly but 15 minutes of charge gives you 7 hours of use. A full charge gives you about 24 hours of use. I used to have to carry around a mobile charger but not anymore! …. One less thing I need to carry.

What I mean by this is that out the box the Pixel come preloaded with some essential Google apps and you can uninstall any app you don’t need. This is not the case with other Android devices. Your service provider typically adds apps that you rarely or never use AND so does the phone manufacturer. Think about the Samsung Galaxy S or Notes: they come preloaded with Sprint/ATT/Verizon apps and Samsung apps. This eats into your phone storage capacity and you can’t remove most of them. Freaking annoying — but not with the Pixel.

I know iPhone fanatics will stay iOS loyal (even if there is a better option) but you Android users better stop playing. I will say that the only thing that would hold you back from getting the Pixel is the price! Right now only Verizon offers the phone but the Pixel can be used on any service provider that will provide your the proper SIM card size. That being said, I did buy the phone directly from Google. The phone, plus upgraded storage, plus the service plan put me at a very high price which may not be affordable to some of you. But, if you have the funds — there’s no questions, just get the Google Pixel.




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