Skyroam: Global Wifi

A major concern people have during international travel is staying connected. Last August I took an 8 day trip to Guatemala and looked into many solutions for staying connected abroad.

  1. Adding an international data plan through AT&T – $40 + pay per minute fees
  2. Just using my phone as is – pay per use
  3. Purchasing a prepaid phone in Guatemala – $30 + .20 per minute (not including data)

AT&T options were honestly way too expensive for me to even want to stay connected and purchasing a local SIM was going to be way too much to deal with once we landed. After my extensive 1 day research I found the answer — SKYROAM.

What is Skyroam?

Skyroam is a global wifi hotspot that provides a 24hr encrypted internet connection for up to 5 devices for one flat fee.

The company works with each countries local cellular carriers so that Skyroam’s virtual SIM can connect over cellular data signals. Skyroam provides coverage in over 100+ countries. You can view their full coverage here.

How to Activate and Stay Connected

Skyroam is super simple to use. The most important thing is to register and connect your skyroam BEFORE going on your trip.

Once registered you can purchase bundle day passes at a discounted rate or a one day pass for $10. These unlimited data passes last for a continuous 24 hours and provides access to the fastest network globally (HSPA+) with speeds up to a 3G/4G hybrid. However, once you go over 350MB during your day pass the connection drops go to 2G speed until you activate a new day pass.

Our Review

Data was fast enough for us to GPS our way to our hostel, make FaceTime calls to our family while seeing amazing landmarks, snapchat our trip, call friends and family through wifi calling, AND for my boyfriend to submit assignments for his online Master’s program! Once we felt like data was slowing down we would disconnect devices and have 1 device connected at a time.

Coverage was great! We had amazing signal all the way at the top of Volcan Pacaya where I decided to FaceTime my dad.


The only place we did not have service was in Tikal, which is in the middle of a jungle — but no one had cell service either!

Battery lasts up to 8 hours and has a 123 hours standby time. During our trip we used the provided micro USB cord and our Mophie powerstation to recharge our Skyroam. Great news – you can charge and still stay connected.

You can purchase skyroam on their website for $99.99 which includes the device and 3 free day passes. You can also purchase in select airports.If you’re unsure about purchasing you can also rent! You must rent your skyroam atleast a week in advance and it will be $9.95 per day.

Since I’m all about discounts and free stuff, use my referral link and you’ll receive $20 off of your skyroam purchase!

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