Hit or Miss – Our CES Roundup

Although we didn’t get a chance to attend CES in Las Vegas this year, we were following along like many others on what would be announced and shown at CES. Many corporations take this time to showcase proof of concepts, prototypes, and finished products. However, this is a perfect opportunity for start ups or small businesses to also do the same. There are so many products showcased, but how many will actually be successful or useful products in the eye of the consumer?


Let’s take a look at three products that could be Hit or Miss:

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed 

Photo Credit: Sleep Number

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is designed to provide comfort by adjusting firmness, comfort and support based on your movements throughout the night. This bed can make you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night with the following features:

  1. Pre-warm setting which warms the bottom of the bed. Research shows it is faster to fall asleep if your feet are warm.
  2. Senses snoring. It will gently raise your partners side of the bed once snoring begins so you don’t wake up.
  3. Sleep Number App stores all of your sleep data so you can take a look at how you are sleeping each night, adjust settings for your side of the bed, and through trending data you can see how diet, exercise, and sleep effects your health.

Sounds like an ideal bed! Completely adjustable for how you like to sleep, warms itself up (I mean who doesn’t like to snuggle in a warm blanket?) and each side of the bed can be adjusted differently. I believe this would be great to have if your partner snores or have trouble getting to sleep. However, it’s not something I can see many people going out to buy in replacement of their current mattress.

After looking further into this product I had some general questions; Does this bed require special sheets? What happens if something spills on it? After a while you must get tired of reviewing all your data from one app to the next. This one is a miss, since a mattresses don’t get replaced often enough to keep up with the technology and it’s a massive data dump adding yet another app to keep track of.


Photo Credit: Floss|time

Flosstime is an automated floss dispenser that is mounted to your mirror so you never forget to floss again. It lights up with a smile for remembering to floss, frowns if you forget and times you while you are flossing.

If the smiles and frowns are still not enough to remind you to floss, it will even dispense the correct length for you to floss after seven days of not flossing. A hanging shameful reminder that your teeth are dirty. Even better, it has dual mode so your partner or kids can also have healthy oral hygiene. Flosstime comes with a frog clip on for kids and a floss pick.

This may be a weird smart device, but what better way to create a good habit then by having a helpful reminder in your face? It would be great if you could charge the battery rather than go out and purchase new batteries or if it was smaller in size. This is a hit!

Smart Heels by Zhor-Tech

Photo Credit: The Verge

Zhor-tech is a French company taking on the challenge to find a solution for the common issue with high heels, the pain. One of their smart heels models presented at CES has an adjustable heel. Once your feet start to hurt, you can use the app to adjust the heel to a smaller length to give your feet some rest. They even count your steps through out the day!

The design is clunky and not SophisTechated with style at all. Another example of a product where men try to solve female problems.This sounds like a great concept overall, but this is a complete miss.


HIT: Monster AirLink Elements Earbuds

Monster unveiled these pretty wireless earbuds at CES and I can’t stop staring at them. I want them now, but I’ll have to wait until April to get my hands on them.  They will retail at about $300 which is twice the cost of Apple’s Airpods. Overall Monster received good reviews on their headphones so it may be worth the money for the style and sound.

HIT: Samsung iPhone app for Gear S Smartwatches

Samsung Gear watches are not new but for me it’s kind of a big deal that Samsung has put the time and capital into developing an iPhone app to give iPhone users another option for a smartwatch.  The Samsung Gear smartwatches’ design  are a lot closer  to a traditional watch than the Apple Watch so the appeal is there.  Apple Watch users get a little jelly when they see my stylish Android Moto360 sooooo don’t be surprised if you see them hopping over. Reviews are mixed but it’s a good start for Samsung. Good move Samsung, good move.


HIT: Willow Wireless Breast Pump

IF Willow delivers on their promise then this breast pump is a game changer.  As a breastfeeding mami and working mom who pumps let me tell you that pumping is not as easy or enjoyable as you may think.  Having to haul the pump around, the setup, the clean up, the noise, and the potential for spillage is like a ball and chain but you do it for your babe! However, Willow promises wireless setup, spill-proof bags, and best of all, a fairly quiet pump sesh! Dear Willow, I have questions!! Tons of questions so I can’t wait to get my hand on one of these.  Is $430 worth it??? Maybe!!!



VR at CES still seemed to be very gamer-focused.  Maybe we missed it because we didn’t go to CES but VR hasn’t seemed to change too much form the past year. I was looking for more lady like headsets, maybe lighter, and non-gamer immersive experiences.


HIT: Selfie Drones

The truth is I will not be flying a drone any time soon for personal use, but I can get down with a selfie drone. I’m a petite girl and my arms are just not that long. Here comes the selfie drone to my rescue! I can see myself using this for group shots or shots from above during the summer at the beach. The Hobbico C-Me and the Hover Camera caught my eye. Dear Sisters — add this to my Birthday List, please!


MISS: L’Oreal’s Smart Brush

This smart brush analyzes your brush strokes, the temperature, the wind (huh??), and has a mic to listen to your brush strokes. The app then analyzes and scores your hair (judgy much??) and recommends L’oreal hair products. It will retail for $200.

Sorry, but this is a miss for me. It just sounds like L’Oreal is launching a product to collect hair data to better improve and market their products.


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