Toddler tries VR for the first time

I was exploring VR for the first time on my new Google Daydream View, my toddler saw me and was curious to know what I was doing. I really couldn’t explain it to her, so I let her try it.  Her reaction was too cute. I let her watch a New York Times Virtual Reality (NYTVR) underwater video. She knew how to put it on without having to explain much. It was interesting to me how she mixed her cartoons with reality.
On the Google Daydream View Health and Safety Information page clearly states that the headset should only be used by children 13 or over. My two year old was only on it for the two minutes you see in the video but she got it.
As a parent I can understand the benefits VR has for educational purposes.  Video allows our children to see things they otherwise may not see at such a young age, however, VR allows them to experience it and immerse themselves in it.
I’m excited to see how VR develops for children and education.


One thought on “Toddler tries VR for the first time

  1. It’s so exciting and I love her reaction and excitement it really is a joy seeing things through their eyes. Does it say why it shouldn’t be used by children under 13?


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