“SAVE” on IG to help your Holiday Shopping… and life in general

Instagram announced on Wednesday the new “Save” feature. In other words, Facebook (who owns Instagram) is infiltrating on Pinterest’s social media territory. Who would have thought that a simple photo sharing app would turn out to be so robust!


You will now see a new bookmark icon underneath a photo or video post. When you bookmark a post or video it will be saved to your own private gallery to refer back to later. The post owner will not be notified that you saved the post for future reference, so go ahead and save all those posts you’ve been screenshotting!

Here’s our list of uses for this new, but significant, update:

  1. Save products you’d like to buy
  2. Save that video that makes you laugh on bad days
  3. Save that outfit inspiration for work or play
  4. Save the inspirational post and news articles you want to come back to during your commute

What you should NOT save:

  1. That petty subliminal post from your frenemy
  2. The so-called “Bae” you’ve been IG-stalking (except if you’re single, that’s OK)
  3. Celeb beef — you only care for two seconds anyway


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