Shop Securely Online

Mockup Scene Creator

Here are four easy steps you can take this holiday season to ensure your information is secure while shopping online.

  1. Look for the Lock
    Shop on websites that start with HTTPS:// The “S” in HTTPS means there is extra security encryption layer on the site
  2. Use Strong Passwords & Unique Passwords for each site
    We’re pretty sure you use the same password for multiple website. We’ve all done it, but it’s not a good practice. If one website is hacked and usernames/passwords are stolen, the intruders will try to use that same username and/or password on popular sites. Create a unique and strong password for every site you visit. A strong password is long and contains special characters, numbers, and mixed case letters.
  3. Clear Browser History & Cookies
    Sometimes offenders are right in our homes, or tapped into our home networks. After each session take the time to clear your browser history and cookies to avoid auto-purchases or auto-logins to your sites you frequent.
  4. Use private WiFi
    Stop! Don’t shop while sipping your latte at Starbucks! Only shop while you are connected to WiFi which requires you to enter a password. Avoid shopping on your mobile devices on Public Access WiFi.

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