Apple News & Updates

Tim Cook opened the keynote with some carpool Karaoke on Thursday, September 7, 2016. He then shared some quick Apple updates, spoke about Education, and New Products.

Here’s a recap of what you may have missed and updates on the new products since their release.

Keep an Eye Out for These

untitled-7Carpool Karaoke – You know, the show that got popular after Adele’s episode went viral on social media — New episodes to premier on Apple Music Early 2017


Super Mario Run is coming to the App Store! The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as you can and get to the flag pole before the time runs out. The app will feature traditional game play and battle mode. Battle mode is called “Toad Rally.” This mode allows you to choose your opponent and try to beat their high score. The game will be released in time for the 2016 Holidays at one set price. Super Mario stickers will also launch the same day.


Pokemon Go will soon be available on the Apple Watch. The integration with the watch will enable heads up game play, which will make your friends happy you aren’t walking around glued to your phone anymore! Some features that will be available on your watch include: Pokestops, badge notifications, hatching eggs, and nearby Pokemon alerts. No word yet on when this will be released, but we estimate it will be sometime in October.

Education & Collaboration

iwork-icons-1Apple is a contributor to the ConnectED initiative. Apple’s approach is, “Everyone Can Code.” Apple has created an iPad App that teaches swift, a popular programming language in a simple, fun, interactive way.

Apple also announced that iWork will now allow for real time collaboration across Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The demo showed each user will have colored bubbles next to their name when they are editing (Yes, similar to Google Docs…how unoriginal).

New Products & Software

Apple Watch

I found this statistic hard to believe, but Apple Watch is the #2 watch brand in the world based on sales revenue (Rolex is #1). So here’s what we think is the must know’s for Apple Watch Series 2:

Photo Credit: Apple

WatchOS3 and Apple Watch Series 2 is now available and has some cool new features! Messaging on the watch is now more expressive with tap backs, animated stickers, full screen effects and custom replies. You can now “scribble” your custom message– which we tested during a loud Penn State Football game and was easy to use even on the 38mm screen.

Activity Sharing is now available in WatchOS3. Your activity can only be shared with other Apple Watch users who accept your invitation to share. Will this make new feature convince Fitbit users to switch over?

A new feature will even kindly remind you to breathe every day (in case you forget). JK – Seems like Apple is trying to focus more on health and fitness and wants to make sure you take a deep breath in the middle of your long day.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 9.58.32 PM.png
Photo Credit: Apple

The new SOS feature on the watch is a nice touch to safety. If you ever need help, press and hold the side button and it will call 911 as well as let your emergency contacts know your current location and that you have called 911.

Some features exclusive to Apple Watch Series 2. It is water resistant up to 50 meters, which is the industry standard for a swim watch. If making the watch swim proof wasn’t exciting enough, the actual technology behind it is awesome! The speaker has been redesigned to eject the water that enters into the watch after your workout. It also has built-in GPS so you can leave your iPhone behind during your workouts. Series 2 dual core processor is 50% faster, GPU up to 2x faster and display 2x brighter to make it easier to see while outside.


iOS 10 has now been released with mixed reviews from people who’ve upgraded or purchased the new iPhone. Some changes to iOS includes:

  • lift to wake – which apple states will conserve battery life
  • Siri integration and capabilities with 3rd party apps
  • map redesign
  • homekit integration
  • iMessage has bubble effects (invisible ink, slam, loud, gentle), full screen effects (balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, shoot stars), stickers, and 3rd party app integration
Photo Credit: Apple

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been released with some new features:

  1. Design: New jet black that has a high gloss finish and black. iPhones are also available in gold, silver, and rose gold.
  2. Home Button is no longer a “button” and is redesigned with a tactic engine and is customizable.
  3. Water and dust resistant – IP7 – you won’t need that emergency bowl of rice anymore.
  4. Camera on iPhone 7 has 1.8 aperture, a wider lens and high speed sensor. The flash now has 4 LED and a flicker sensor. The 7 Plus has TWO cameras. The second camera is a telephoto lens.
  5. 25% brighter Retina HD Display
  6. Two speakers– one at the bottom and one at the top
  7. EarPods — no more headphone jack so EarPods will now connect via lightning port
  8. AirPods – apple’s unoriginal design of wireless headphones
  9. Apple Pay is now coming to Japan
  10. Battery life increase to 2 hours compared to iPhone 6s

Have you tried out the new updates? SophisTechated wants to know what you think about iOS 10, iPhone 7, and Apple Watch.

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