TeddyMozart: Your Memories Transcend Boarders & Time




Family members are often in different locations: a grandparent, a loved one in the military or even a parent traveling for business.  Imagine being a narrator of a story or sing a lullaby to your child or grandchild while being thousands of miles away.  Imagine preserving these voice memories so that your grandchildren can always listen to them at any point in time.  A Brooklyn-based startup founded by Carlton Bennett, a Founder Institute graduate, is making all this possible with the introduction of TeddyMozart.  TeddyMozart is the first smart toy that allows for family members to record and store their family traditional songs, lullabies and stories, from anywhere, and share them with young children, from generation to generation, forever, through a music mobile application and a Bluetooth teddy bear speaker.

Toy makers have been trying their best to make toys personal without leaving parents the heavy burden of dealing with technology setup.  The traditional design of the teddy bear with the integrated technology is a a step in the right direction.  We are excited to see how it all works together!




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