First Impressions: Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

I was tipped by a friend that the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition was on super sale on Amazon Prime Day.  Not knowing anything about the tablet I bought it!

Here are my first impressions of this tablet:

Great Value

At nearly 50% off it was already a great value.  To put multiple cherries on top, Amazon threw in some extras:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 1 Year free subscription to Amazon Free Time Unlimited
  • Tablet Case

All of these extras got me really excited about the tablet.

Easy Set Up

The tablet had a charge right out the box which is always a plus the for someone like me. I’m just not patient, I want to use it now!  I turned it on and it immediately launched Kids Mode and walk me through the setup. It was quick and easy.

Quality Content

Amazon Free Time Unlimited offers high quality age-appropriate content for a very low monthly subscription price (but free for the 1st year with tablet purchase).  At $2.99 or $3.99/month you get well known characters and even expensive apps which cost $11.99 in the Apple App Store or Googe Play.

If you buy a movie, app, or tv show on Amazon you can make it available in Kids Mode too. Free Time has lots of great content but there’s still some favorites missing so this gives you the flexibility to add content that you don’t already see in Kids Mode.

It’s a tablet for you, too

It’s marketed as “Kids Edition” but what the really means is that Kids Mode is installed and automatically launched upon setup. This can double as a tablet for yourself. It’s a regular ol’ Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition





In Kids Mode when you or your babe tap on a Book/Video/App icon the content is either automatically downloaded or launched.  You can’t get a preview of the content and it can clog up the tablet’s storage with content your kid doesn’t care for.  For parents with younger users, this will leave you managing the storage of the table and you’ll have to constantly delete content to make space for more.

Not all content can be downloaded

If your kids’ favorite Book/App/Video isn’t allowed to be downloaded by Amazon Free Time then you may have a frustrated kids on your hands. Hopefully they like the downloadable content equally as much. You also can’t add Amazon Rentals and you can’t add anything from Amazon Prime.

No “Downloaded Content Only” View

Kids Mode displays all content in Free Time whether you’re on WiFi or not. It would be nice if Kids Mode had a view to show only what has been downloaded onto the tablet when you are not on WiFi so that your kid doesn’t get frustrated by all the “Network Connection No WiFi” messages that pop-up when they click on an icon whose content isn’t already on the tablet. (Remember that auto-download I just talked about)??

No Google Play & No YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids has its pros and cons so I’ll just say that I know it’s a kid fave but it’s not available for Amazon devices.

Now, Google Play… We are an Android family with MacBooks and iPads.  We can access or Google Play purchases and even Chromecast using both our Android and iOS devices.  Not on Amazon Kindle! You can’t download the Google apps which hurts my heart and my pockets. I’d have to buy the same movies and TV shows that I’ve already purchased on Google Play. Nope, not doing it.



The Kindle Kids Edition as a good purchase purely because of the value. We won’t be returning this tablet, but if I would have researched the tablet before purchasing I most likely would have passed.  But it’s here, and it works just fine at home.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

  1. Thank you for the review we have actually turned over an older version iPad that only works on wifi, to our 2 yr old and were thinking maybe she needs a kids device but thanks to your review I don’t think this is the one for us. The things she loves most YouTube kids and google play ugh a deal breaker and more importantly the bit about no downloaded content view is something we are hoping for in a device for kids. So while this sounds like a great product especially for the price we will stick with what we have and that contains the things she’s likes before going out and purchasing something that will still have her reaching for the old iPad.


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