Tech News Rounds Up

Here are some tech-related news you should care about:


  • Google introduces “Duo” : A simple video calling app for everyone.  Now Apple & Android users can video chat happily, together. now you just have to convince your friends to download Duo. Note that you do need an active phone number so this means there is no multi-device support. However, the whole connection is encrypted (secure) unlike any other video app out there.  No creeps will be watching you while you’re on your video call.
  • Pinterest introduces videos (and video ads): 2016 is the year of the video. Trends are showing a spike in video streaming on social networks and it doesn’t seem like it’ll let up any time soon. Pinterest has introduced videos in your stream and along with that you can expect video ads.  The ads will be passive.  They will show as silent GIFS (moving pics) and if you click on it the sound and video will play.
  • Facebook launches “Lifestage”:  It’s video sharing app targeting teens (21 and under crowd). The development was headed up by a 19-year-old (yes, 19 yrs old, what were  YOU doing at 19??) You don’t need to log into aFacebook account, you select your high school.  ** Queue the old Facebook days when you needed a .edu email to sign up **.  It’s another app Facebook launches this year similar to Snapchat.


  • The Galaxy Note 7 is officially out and available
  • Rumor has it that the new iPhone will be released mid-September. Supposedly, Apple will announce the release day in early September.


  • Net Neutrality:  Here is a great video from The New York Times explaining what it is. The internet is deemed a public utility just like our electricity. Up until now internet service providers could give preference to the traffic coming through their networks. Recently laws were passed that basically state “all content is equal”.


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