girlFRENDS… Not Trap Queens

Girls.. let me tell you: When I first laid eyes on FRENDS headphones, I had to have them. It turns out that I’m more of an audiophile than I thought!


There is no question that FRENDS are the sleekest and most fashionable headphones out right now. They have done an amazing job at not only designing stylish headphones but they are geniuses for letting us swap out our headphone caps! No young stylish woman should ever have to commit to one design… and FRENDS gets that. We really ARE Frends! You get me. You get us.

The hardest part of this experience was choosing which set to buy: black? white? gold? rose gold? smoked? I finally picked Black with Gold accents.  Now, which caps should I add to my order?! So many options. They’re all so beautiful, so stylish, #sosotech! I finally chose these gorgeous babes:


Even the way they lay at rest just screams “Look at me… I’m fly”.

Frends is making their mark in fashion. They have already partnered with Bauble Bar, Dolce & Gabana, and Swarovski to design premium versions of their headphones.  Check out these New York Fashion Week snaps. I’m excited to keep up with their partnerships:


The packaging is equally as beautiful. When the package was handed to me I thought “Damn, this is heavy” but thankfully the headphones are not heavy at all. As soon as I unboxed the headphones my friend stopped by and the first thing she said was”Whoa! Cool headphones”. I did a hair flip and said “Thanks!”

Bauble Bar Frends Taylor Headphones

In the box you’ll find:

  • Headphones
  • Carrying Pouch
    • It’s soft faux leather so it’s not easy to pack them up quickly.
  • If you purchase the Baubl Bar edition, then you also get earrings



Frends Taylor Headphones: Gold caps, Gold Croc Print caps,

Frends fit snug on my head and over my ears.  If you aren’t used to having on-ear headphones, you might feel a bit of discomfort in the beginning but I adjusted to this set fairly quickly. Frends says you can still wear earrings with these headphones and I say, it depends on the type of earrings you have on.

I legit feel like I have to look cute when I step out in these headphones.

Frends Taylor Headphones closeup

The headphones are very well designed for a woman’s needs. They fold up nice and flat into their faux leather pouch and fit snug in my work bag.  This also came in handy while traveling.  My husband had his large headphones over his ears or uncomfortably hanging from his neck or bag.  My headphones slipped right into my bag safe and sound!




So, when I first went on a quest for headphones I knew that I did not need DJ-type of headphones. I don’t need to hear every single essence of the music I listened to. I’d be happy with decent sound, as long as they blocked the city noise during my commute. I’m not an audiophile and I’m not a music producer but it turns out that I actually care more about sound than I thought.

You see, on my way to work, I need to feel like a Corporate Trap Queen — like I’m selling drugs in my head.  I need to hear the bump of my Hip-Hop and Dancehall. Frends headphones did not deliver. I tested the headphones with my go-to turn up song “Kuck if You Buck” by Crime Mob.  I was waiting for that deep bass (listen to video below at 43 seconds… THAT deep bass)


Look, don’t get me wrong. Frends has clear crisp sound, the city noise is completely blocked. I couldn’t hear the train arriving right in front of me. I couldn’t hear the fire truck race past me in Midtown Manhattan. But I was just waiting and yearning of that deep bass to be delivered into my bloodstream through my ear drums and it wasn’t. Maybe I got a bad pair because the left ear of my set has a rattle. Maybe that was affecting the overall sound quality. I contacted their Customer Service and they quickly started the warranty process to replace my headphones with a new pair. I got my new pair, rattle free!  But after a few months of using the headphones, the rattling appeared in the new set.  Womp!!

The music does leak out of the headphones in very quiet settings.  I felt like my co-workers could hear my 2% ratchetness in the quiet office so I had to turn the volume way down. Don’t worry though, this is fairly common with on-ear headphones. I tested this with two different pairs of SOL REPUBLIC headphones.

You should also know that Frends is made for iOS devices.  The little remote on the headphones does work for pausing music on Android devices but not the volume rocker.

You can find similar thoughts on the Amazon Reviews


The price is worth the style and overall Frends experience. I liken the feeling to wearing my expensive and sexy, albiet, uncomfortable stilettos. You know they’re going to hurt your feet but you have to wear them because they’re sexy AF… and I’m perfectly 100% OK with that. I know that a majority of my friends will LOVE a pair of Frends and I have no problem recommending these to anyone who asks.


Shop now at

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