LDR Brands: Functionality Meets Style

LDR Brands represents the chic stylish career woman on the move. Their products focus on tech functionality, whether it’s carrying your tech or has tech built-in. They understand that a female shouldn’t sacrifice style for the sake of technology. We really can have it all!

This brand was designed for female leaders ready to break up with their baggage.
What does that even mean?
It literally means to break it off with those unstylish, heavy, manly looking bags built to lug around your laptop, and start new with a bag that’s built-to-last, look stylish and protect your tech. Most importantly, it means to break up with the things that make you comfortable and start doing things that make you uncomfortable.

That’s what co-founders Sarah DeMarco and Nickole Raymond did a year and a half ago when they quit their careers and started LDR brands. Sarah and Nickole both had successful careers in the Music and Sports industry. They never imagined themselves going into this field, but after growing tired of bags that weren’t stylish, useful, or durable during their business trips, they decided to create their own solution.

Sophistechated had the opportunity to meet and interview LDR Brands Co-Founders and get to know the brand and women behind it.

Inside LDR Brands

So we of course wanted to know, How did they come up with the name LDR and are we even pronouncing it right? Initially, LDR stood for their initials then it became “Leader” without the vowels. Sarah and Nickole thought LDR truly represented who they are and wanted it to mean the same for the women wearing their bags whether they were a leader in their business, family, or just life. And yes, we were pronouncing it right. L-D-R or Lee-der are both right and according to Nickole, “you’re in the club if you know we say it both ways.”

“There are people behind our brand.” – Nickole Raymond

Currently the company size is two and that’s on purpose. Sarah and Nickole are working hard to establish their brand. They are currently doing it all and discovering new talents about themselves. They are handling order fulfillment. In each order they place a hand written note, a dust bag, and a custom bag number for their porter bag. Currently, the custom bag number represents the serial number, but Nickole and Sarah pointed out that they have future plans for that number.

“Eventually every number allows you to be a part of the LDR community.” – Sarah DeMarco

The Start-Up Life

Sarah says the number one thing people always say to her when she tells them she quit her job to do a start-up is, “I’m jealous I wish I could do the same thing!” But as Nickole mentioned during our interview, “Start ups are hard! That’s why people don’t do it often.”

Being your own boss comes with its pros and cons. They both agree having a start up is flexible. You control your schedule, but because it’s your company you’re always working.

LDR Products


The 13″ Porter is their original product. The outside is beautiful with its Italian pebbled leather and the quality of the bag continues on the inside. The inside is lined in suede and includes a key or headphones keeper, interior business card and phone pocket, and a shock absorbent padded computer section to hold a 13″ comfortably. The second we laid eyes on it and held it we just knew this was a quality bag.

The Porter comes with a cross over strap that was designed with adjustable holes for a comfortable fit. The color options (Ultramarne, Raven, Toffee) are work appropriate and easy to go from work to any after-work event.

Charging Tassel

It was important that their product had functionality. Sarah has always liked the tassel style, but refused to just throw it on the bag because it was stylish. A combination of brainstorming  things that are masculine, the need for a feminine solution, and taking left over fabric; led them to their latest product creation.

Currently priced at $58 this chic charging tassel is built to hold two full charges and clips on to any bag. Sophistechated loves that it comes with a micro USB cable and a lightning cable!


“We call it the anti-tote” – Sarah DeMarco

LDR knows traveling, and sometimes you just need a big tote to throw everything in. We got a sneak peak on their future product and I must say as much as I’m anti-tote these ladies have thought this design through. Keeping true to their brand of tech infused products their tote has a laptop sleeve that clips in to your tote so your laptop doesn’t sink to the bottom!

LDR Advice

We asked Sarah and Nickole what advice they would give their younger selves and to younger females. Sarah elaborated that her high school years were not her favorite and that girls in high school shouldn’t let people get to them.

Sarah DeMarco
Sarah DeMarco for LDR Brands in New York, 2015

Sarah DeMarco – “Once you graduate and leave it’s a free for all. Don’t let little things get to you.”

Nickole shared an experience from when she started her career and was approached by the only two female executives at her company that threatened to end her career. What?! That’s when Nickole realized she wanted to be the woman “to help the 23 year old get the promotion or get noticed.”

Nickole Raymond
Nickole Raymond for LDR Brands in New York, 2015

Sophistechated Roundup

Sarah and Nickole have taught us to never let your inexperience stop you from turning your dreams into goals and into reality. It was refreshing and inspiring to talk to creators of LDR Brands.

They created a solution for the lack of stylish and chic accessory needs for women-on-the-go. Creating tech accessories for women by women makes LDR Brands #SoSoTech. “Stylish, functional tech accessories finally exist” so go check them out at www.LDRbrands.com and be sure to use coupon code “SOTECH10” for a discount.

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