The DIY Photobooth

Photobooths have become a staple in most special occasion events: Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations… etc. Here’s what you’ll need to setup a booth:

  • Tablet
  • App
  • Tripod
  • Tablet Tripod Attachment
  • Lighting (optional)

Here is how I created my own photobooth for only $80 using my iPad.

APP ($39.99): PocketBooth Party

I chose PocketBooth Party App (iOS only) for a few different reasons: Cost, Ease of Use, and Customization. The app allows you to turn on “Party Mode” which essentially locks your screen and only makes the app accessible to your party-people, even if the iPad screen times out. PocketBooth Party allows you to select layouts, party theme skin for your photos, auto-share photos to an online gallery (live!) and even add a custom header for your template!  Their newest upgrade packs a bunch of features which really make this app DOPE!

TRIPOD & IPAD CASE ($39.98): Grafiti Nootle 

If you already own a tripod, then Grafiti Nootle offers only the ipad case attachement for the standard tripod for half the price. Here is another ipad only case alternative: G8 PRO. Be careful when selecting a ipad tripod case because some of them don’t swivel to support landscape and portrait modes.

That’s it!  You can save monies by not printing the photos at the party. That will be less troubleshooting you’ll spend during the party, you won’t have to worry about refilling empty trays either.


Setup Logistics

  • If your party is during the day and indoors then setup the iPad where the light is hitting your guests.  Otherwise you will experience dark backlit photos.
  • If your party is at night or in a dark area, then consider buying a spotlight that can easily attach to your booth.
  • Your backdrop can be as simple as a white wall or you can buy this photobooth props pack from Party City, Walmart, or Michael’s ranging from $3-$15.
Maria, The 20-something Tech Savvy Hermana photoboothing

Step Up Your Photobooth

$80 gets you the basic setup but if you really want to step your game up then you can get a lighting setup like this kit which includes backdrops, lighting, and the clamps. This does take up space so take this into consideration before splurging.




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