Fossil Q: Traditional & Modern. Some of This & Some of That

The Fossil Q is the smartwatch I didn’t know I wanted




I was never really convinced I needed a smartwatch. But, I’m a tech girl, so how could a tech girl not need a smartwatch… right?! So the quest started. When I first laid eyes on the Fossil Q, I could not believe that I was actually attracted to a smartwatch.  What was so different about this one?  It’s an “analog smartwatch”. This means that the face is a traditional watch, but underneath it’s all tech:

  • LED lit  & Vibration Notification Alerts
    • You setup the watch to vibrate and/or blink different color lights for different types of alerts such as when your husband is calling, your best friend text you, or when you get a comment on your Instagram pic. You select which apps to receive notifications from and how you want to receive the notifications.
  • Step Tracker
    • The built-in step tracker is accurate. It also reduces the need to have yet another tech band connected to your phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Social
    • Fossil Q incorporated a social aspect to the watch/app. It gives you the option to participate in a challenge per day and share your results through the app.

How I Used It

I used the watch during a very busy week at work and it proved to be very useful. I was in training and back-to-back meetings all week. It was my daughter’s first week of daycare so I was nervous and was worried that I would get a call to go pick her up. I didn’t want to look unprofessional by constantly checking my phone at every single blinking light. The Fossil Q helped me filter out the noise. I setup the watch to blink RED and vibrate if I received a call from the daycare. The watch didn’t blink or vibrate — thank goodness, she was OK!

I travel by train on my commute and on my way home from work one day my phone battery died.  This didn’t bother me because even if I couldn’t receive notification alerts or see the time on my phone the watch was still functional. I could tell the time on the traditional face and I didn’t have a useless piece of tech on my arm.

It was also very useful at home. As I ran around the house preparing dinner, getting our daughter ready for bed, and cleaning up I didn’t have time to keep a constant eye on my phone. I setup the watch to:

  • blink GREEN and vibrate twice if my husband called or texted.
  • blink PINK if I received an Instagram notification.
  • blink PURPLE if my mom called or texted.

I have to admit that when the watch blinked and vibrated, it would have been helpful to see a preview of the notification to see if it really required my attention. 


Fossil designed a gorgeous rose gold and cream faced watch (not the pink type of rose gold but the real rose gold color).  Best of all, the band on the Fossil Q is interchangeable.  Fossil offers a variety of additional watchbands for purchase at a very reasonable price. You get Fossil quality band so no need to take a gamble on a third-party watch band.

I was not a fan of the gray watch back. I understand that’s where all the tech is held, but did it have to be gray?  Why not white or a foil gold? I would have even been happy with a clear watch back.

I have a teeny tiny wrist so this watch looked big and bulky on me.  Luckily the “boyfriend watch” style is a thing so I could swing the look. Unfortunately the fit didn’t really vibe with my work attire because it looks very big on me. The vibration strength is perfect and I like that I can control it. The blinking LED lights are not distracting because they come after the vibration but if you take too long to look down at the watch, you’ll miss it.But, just like the vibration, you can control the delay of the LED light.

Side by Side comparison with my Marc Jacobs watch



In The Box

The box contains the essentials: charging cable, charging station, adapter, Owner’s Manual and Warranty info, and the watch.



Setting up the Fossil Q was super easy.  I downloaded the app and it walked me through the entire setup. It even recognized that the watch needed an update and it was done all during the setup process.  The app itself is very visually appealing, well designed, and easy to navigate.


Fossil Q encapsulates tech brains and tech beauty. The ability to modify the watch settings based on my day is fantastic. The would be a great gift for any woman during any stage of her life.

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