Plantronics: BackBeat GO 2


iPhone strapped to my arm, headphones plugged in and tugging at my ears as I ran. I never realized how uncomfortable that was until I went wireless! Goodbye generic Apple EarPods, Hello Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 Earbuds!

What’s in the Box?

Plantronics gets right to the point. As soon as you open the box the first thing you see are the earbuds. Behind the earbuds you find two compartments that hold:

  • small and large ear tips
  • micro USB charger
  • charging case
  • ‘Get Started’ guide

The Design

These earbuds come in two color options: black & white. I chose black so they can keep their new look and feel longer. They come with the medium eartips on, but you can switch to the small or large eartips if they don’t fit.

Previous earbuds never stayed in my ear, especially during workouts! Backbeat GO 2 come with adjustable stabilizers to ensure they stay in your ear whether you are sitting or working out.

Backbeat GO 2 are light weight and have P2i coating, making them sweat proof and water resistant which is perfect for active use. Added Bonus: TANGLE FREE CABLE!! – go ahead and shove them in your bag!


The first time you turn on your earbuds they will automatically be in pairing mode. To pair to other devices in the future simply hold down the power button and the voice prompts you when it has paired. I was able to pair these with my apple watch, iPhone, and Lenovo laptop.

The built-in remote and microphone lets you activate Siri, skip songs, adjust volume, and answer calls.


The earbuds fully charged gives you about four hours of listening. If you use the charging case, you can get an additional 10 hours. I used the earbuds for 4 days (~ 2 hours a day) before it notified me that battery was low. 20 minutes on the charging case gave me medium battery, which was enough to use at the gym for one hour.

In case you’re like me and like everything to connect to your iPhone- these earbuds let you check the battery status on an iPhone.


Although the earbuds are snug in my ear, there isn’t much noise cancellation. My biggest complaint with these earbuds is that I can hear myself! Imagine plugging your ears with your fingers, that’s what it sounds like once these are in.

I’ve tested these watching shows, movies, listening to music, and for phone calls. During these activities, I was able to have the volume halfway up and hear it loud and clear. While listening to music, I turned the volume as far up as I could. The music was clear, but didn’t have a lot of bass. If I could make the music louder I definitely would.



The BackBeat Go 2 earbuds are a great solution for ladies on the go, fitness freaks, or even those who want to block out noise at work. They are light weight, sweat-proof, and the stabilizers make sure the earbuds stay put in your ear. It’s compatibility with smartphone assistance, like Siri, let’s you ditch those standard EarPods.

Since you will be using these daily, the charging case is perfect for keeping your earbuds safe while also powering them up! Don’t have time to put the earbuds in its case? No problem, Backbeat GO 2’s tangle free design lets you shove them in your pocket or bag without tangling up. Perfect design for ladies on the go!

These earbuds get the job done with good quality audio for music, movies, or calls. No need to burn a hole in your wallet, these are priced at $99.99.

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